Fitness Trainers

Brenda Osteen fitness gym

Brenda Osteen, owner of The Pumphouse Fitness Center, has been teaching fitness classes for many years. With dedication and her passion for fitness, The Pumphouse has been serving the Hendersonville area for more than 15 years.

Greg Osteen

Greg Osteen has been all about fitness his whole life. Playing High School Football for Hendersonville High and competing in weight lifting competitions. Greg loves the environment he and Brenda have created for their friends and family at the Pump House.

melissa_trx150Melissa, TRX Instructor

Jennifer Sargent
Jennifer Sargent Byrd, Personal Trainer

Tori_Ogren_yogaTori, Yoga Instructor

tonya_zumba_2Tonya, Zumba Instructor

Kelly Garrett

Kelly Garrett, Personal Trainer

Bryan Kilby

Bryan Kilby, TRX Trainer